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Family Stories

GSMcGowan 159 Our Story:  Gene & Susan McGowan
StoryTelling America joined the McGowan family at the Fair Hills Resort  for a couple of days to record conversations that allowed them to share many stories about the family’s history that have helped form their principles and shaped their beliefs.
 OR 159  It Ain't All Onions & Radishes
Who would ever think a story about consuming vegetables that give you bad breath and gas would provide one of the best pieces of marriage advice I ever received? However, that's exactly what happened 12 years ago.
 BlackWagon 250

 Catholics Planned Siege Of Protestants in Clay County?
You may never heard of the plan of the Union County Catholics to siege the Clay County Protestants, but in 1892 many of the Scandinavians were sure more than rosary beads were coming over the hill. One of many stories preserved by my great-grandfather (August Peterson) about the Swedes who settled in Clay County, South Dakota

DadLetter 159 

The Letter...Dad's still delivering 45 years later.
The letter was typed on onionskin paper. It was dated May 24, 1971, the day of my high school commencement, and the letter was from my dad.

 Tuts 159

 My Story:  "Tuts" Lucking"
Everybody has a story worth telling, Theresa "Tuts" Lucking is no different when she shares her experiences of 85 years.


 Gramps 148

Nearly forty years ago, I took a few pictures of the house in which my grandfather was born and raised as well as of the barn that he built with his own hands. Shortly thereafter, my friend, Alan, insisted that I get Gramp's stories on tape. Again, it sounded like a lot of work and time. However, Alan was not going to be satisfied until I recorded Gramp's story. If Gramps were still alive today, he'd be 128 years old. 

 DickBeck 159 My Story:  Dick Beck
If you have spent anytime at all in Sioux Falls in the last several decades you've no doubt run into Dick Beck.  Dick is a long-time businessman  and community leader . 
He recently shared with StoryTelling America some thoughts on his experiences in creating “My Story”.
 Sylvia 159

Her Story IS a BIG DEAL...Sylvia Henkin 
The question was recently put to me, "How many times in your life do you get to be a part of something really big? My thought was, for most of us, not often if ever. I can't say that anymore.


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We All Die...Our Words Don't Have To - Jim Jarding

I don't recall many phone calls I've received, but this one I do. It was from my friend, Jim Jarding. I had just seen him in the hospital a couple of days earlier. The prognosis wasn't good. If he was lucky, he had two years to live.

 MMutch 159

The Power of Truth - Dr. Milt Mutch

Dr. Milton Mutch can claim an impressive list of achievements in his more than four decades as a Sioux Falls, South Dakota practitioner, teacher and innovator of women's health. Not the least, having delivered nearly 10,000 new lives into the world. And yet, if you asked him he'd probably say it wasn't that big a deal.