#10:  The Power of Truth


MutchOR 250Dr. Milton Mutch can claim an impressive list of achievements in his more than four decades as a Sioux Falls, South Dakota practitioner, teacher and innovator of women's health. Not the least, having delivered nearly 10,000 new lives into the world. And yet, if you asked him he'd probably say it wasn't that big a deal.

Upon reflection, many people will say that their life wasn't that big of a deal. Having spent a career listening to people's stories (including Dr. Mutch's), it's my opinion that any life that's been worth living has experiences that are worth hearing and preserving...it is a Big Deal...today and for generations to come.

One of greatest wastes of human resources is our failure to capture the hard earned wisdom and knowledge that has been amassed by our facing the challenges of daily life. As it turns out, that is not the case with Dr. Mutch.

Watch the video above as Dr. Mutch discusses what he says was one of his most useful devices in dealing with critical challenges of his medical practice. He calls it The Power of Truth.

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