Storytelling America: Business/Organization Stories

Sioux Corporation
SiouxCorp 200Like many successful businesses, Sioux Corporation started on a dime and the dreams of a young couple, John and Virginia (Gini) Finger) who moved from New York City to Beresford, South Dakota in 1965 to purchase a steam cleaner manufacturing business. Today, Sioux Corp is truly a successful family corporation who's family qualities extend far beyond their business. Today, Al Schoeneman has worked hard over the years to not only improve the business his great grandfather had started , but also to guarantee the same quality of service that was instilled in the business so many decades before him.

Shoeneman 200William and Theresa Schoeneman migrated to the United States from Germany in the late 1860s and began farming in Wisconsin. Knowing that the current situation could not support his wife and eight children, William moved his family to Iowa, where he, along with his sons, went in search of entrepreneurial opportunities that would enable his children to find substantial employment. Thus, the Schoenemans became involved with the lumber yard and grain elevator businesses.

SLFC It Takes Big Ideas
SLFCTitle 150Identifying problems and coming up with solutions has been a constant theme throughout the history of Student Loan Finance Corporation (SLFC) of Aberdeen, SD. In 1978, it took one Big Idea to get SLFC started, however, throughout the years it has taken many more Big Ideas to survive.

Lynn Hurley: He's Ain't A Ditchdigger Anymore
HURCO LynnHurley 350If you want to be the industry best you might find listening to Lynn Hurley's story is well worth it. He may have started by digging ditches, but this ditch digger had ideas. How he developed those ideas to become the nation's leading innovator and developer of equipment and services for the maintenance and repair and water and sewer systems is what this story is about.

Mark Nelsen: The Spirit of American Entrepreneurship
MarkNelsen 350It has been said that Mark Nelsen, President and founder of Maximum Promotions, is the definition of an entrepreneur. Mark has lived the life and learned the lessons that anyone wanting to go into business need to know. The principles and practices he has learned he shares with others to help them become successful in whatever endeavors they pursue.