The Cheapest Time To Hire An Attorney

There are two ways to hire attorneys:  Before you need them or after you’ve been sued.

Just like preventative healthcare can save thousands and provide good health, preventative legal care works the same way.

Many attorneys do not charge for an initial consultation so visiting with an attorney to determine if you might need legal assistance is far cheaper than waiting for problems to develop.

With the explosion of federal, state and local regulations in addition to changes in the laws, knowing your potential exposure and risk is vital to protecting your hard-earned assets.

Risk management has become a major part of large corporation legal work.  But with more and more horror stories of legal entanglements, annual risk management review with your attorney and insurance agent (and sometimes including your CPA) is the best practice.

By reviewing your coverages, activities and potential risk, you can either mitigate or ensure against most losses by an annual risk management review.

Government regulations are likely to continue growing.  They affect every family, small business, farmer or rancher.

Your best defense for the least cost is having an annual risk assessment meeting for good economic health just like an annual physical can promote personal health.