Positive Aging Offers New Rules and New Tools

By G. Richard "Dick" Ambrosius
“The fires of change are everywhere, and it is time for businesses interested in serving the New Consumer Majority (age 40 plus adults) to rise up from the ashes of ageism and address negative and distorted perceptions of aging and retirement in their communications while growing their market share,” stated Positive Aging founder Dick Ambrosius of Orange Park, Florida.

In recent decades, too many adults have entered their “retirement” years like a phoenix into the flames by accepting that aging means decline and dependence and become victims of self-fulfilling prophecies. Rather than accepting a sentence of death on the installment plan,
Positive Aging will encourage the New Majority of consumers to shake things up over the next three decades and redefine life’s second half while showing companies how to connect with this rapidly growing market segment.

Companies stuck in the marketing paradigms of yesterday’s Youth Market are now feeling the heat of lagging sales, disgruntled customers and declining market share. But there is hope.
Positive Aging believes the New Majority is ready and willing to seek out and do business with companies that share their values and value their business.

“Businesses simply need help understanding the new rules and applying the tools critical to success,” says Ambrosius. “
Positive Aging will help clients understand what’s changed and how to use new tools like conditional positioning, values-based advertising, storytelling and empathic selling to help them dominate their industry or trade.”

Positive Aging
has international associates with decades of hands-on training, advertising, public relations and marketing experience that will join consulting teams tailored to meet client requirements as needed. Many of these associates are members of The Societywww.thesocietygroup.com), an international, invitation only think-tank of ageless marketing professionals co-founded by Ambrosius and author of Ageless Marketing, David B. Wolfe, in 1983. Ambrosius serves as The Society’s meeting coordinator.

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