Are You Ready for Unprecedented Change?

On January 1, the shift from a youth dominated market to one dominated by middle age and older people began in earnest. For the next 18 years, someone will turn age 65 approximately every 8 minutes. Why this seems to have come as a surprise to our elected leader, business leaders and educators boggle the imagination.

Politically, we debate fixing a Social Security System that is grossly out of date from an actuarial perspective and generally unfunded. Medicare obligation will grow exponentially and the Medicaid at the state level threatens budget solvency in many states. Still, few are emphasizing or providing incentive for health and well being programs. Likewise advances in brain fitness could delay the onset of memory loss, but receives little attention.

When it comes to business, there has been minimal attention to the reality that older consumers’ process information differently, have physiological changes that affect their hearing and vision, which means it is time to reconsider sales, marketing, and merchandizing materials. In the majority of business collaterals, the type is too small, the paper is too glossy and the colors may make it difficult to even see the message.

Finally, few educational institutions offer courses on communicating with an aging market, how life stages impact decision making or the benefits successful aging strategies that should begin early in life. There is more than enough information on how to succeed in an aging marketing; but few are yet to pursue that knowledge. Regardless of the sector you serve, there is still an excellent window of opportunity to gain a competitive advantage.

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For almost 30 years Ambrosius has been educating companies, nonprofit organizations and public agencies on how better to communicate with and serve middle-aged and older adults. He was among the first in the United States to realize the potential of the “new consumer majority” and specialize in older markets. He and his family recently returned to Sioux Falls, where he launched his campaign against ageism and his advocacy for ageless marketing in 1982. Ambrosius has delivered keynote addresses and motivational workshops in 49 states.